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Wondermark #889; The Seeds of a Series

I still have a copy of The Turnips of Progress somewhere. About fifty pages in, that ghostwriter just said “screw it, I’m writing Marxist erotica” and it. Gets. WEIRD.


Here’s a new thing I’ll try now and then! Same comics, reformatted into a square format to be legible and fit nicely on blogs and Tumbls. This one is even a little early, HOW ABOUT THAT

The Thing is regularly viewed by members of the winter crew at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station after the last flight out, usually in a double-feature with The Shining.[39] It is also viewed by scientific personnel at the Summit Camp on the apex of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Taxi Driver Sweded by Michel Gondry



And this is the essential broader point—as a programmer you must have a series of wins, every single day. It is the Deus Ex Machina of hacker success. It is what makes you eager for the next feature, and the next after that. And a large team is poison to small wins. The nature of large teams is such that even when you do have wins, they come after long, tiresome and disproportionately many hurdles. And this takes all the wind out of them. Often when I shipped a feature it felt more like relief than euphoria.


“Buy film, not megapixels” (Taken with instagram)

So. many. quotables.

After he finished eating a dinner of fried cheese bread, artichoke dip, roasted chicken with sides, and three pieces of Key lime pie (two of them were to go; come on, son), he pushed his plates away and said, “That’s how you gotta eat. You gotta eat like a don.” He has a habit of handing down proclamations like that about the way bosses should live.

For once he doesn’t have on sunglasses, and you can see that he has the longest, most lustrous eyelashes a 300-pound man could possibly have. His butt crack travels from his Polo boxer briefs almost to the middle of his back. He’s shirtless, of course. If you know anything about Rick Ross, it’s what he looks like with his shirt off.

Frankly, it’s nice to finally see someone enjoy the disgusting excesses of fame and money instead of pretending to despise them, which is what rock stars and CEOs apparently feel they’re supposed to do. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t really successful until late in his twenties and so doesn’t take it for granted. But it’s got to be something constitutional as well. He loves being the Boss. When he signed his deal with Warner Music, he hung out the whole day and met basically everyone who works at the company. No one does that. It kind of violates the snobbery of being the talent. Heavy is the head that wears the crown? Not this motherfucking head.

if this isn’t an appropriate thing to be searching for at one in the morning, i just don’t know what is.


“He had never seen a white woman before”